How You Can Get a FREE Month on “Pastel Painting Lessons”…


If you are enjoying “Pastel Painting Lessons”, I’d love your honest words, voice and face in a real life. To make it simple, an honest student VIDEO testimonial from you.

I can’t guarantee that I will use your video, but if I use it…

I will happily give you a free month extra on your subscription!

Here’s the catch…

I will give preference to videos from students who have made at least ONE
artwork submission as I’d like to have honest comments on this site feature.

Though if you have not posted one, you can STILL send me a testimonial. ๐Ÿ™‚

You can of course mention anything you like about the site, but the student-teacher feedback
is different from most other websites, and I’d like to call attention to that feature.

1) In the video testimonial, please tell a little about yourself, like:

  • Your Name
  • If you have a website, your URL
  • How long you have been painting
  • Are you beginner, intermediate, advanced?
  • Do you use painting as a hobby or are you a professional?
  • A snippet of you painting or your artwork would be super!

2) Here are some “ideas” for your video testimonials, just to get your creative juices flowing.

  • What aspect of “Pastel Painting Lessons” has been most helpful to you?
  • How have you benefited from the “Submit Your Artwork” feature?
  • Have you experienced an “aha” moment, or a transformation in your own painting skills?
  • Is there a new skill or technique you’ve learned?
  • Has the PPL online community inspired you?
  • Have you taken a look at other student’s artwork?
  • Have you enjoyed the PDFs?
  • Is the site easy / hard to use?
  • Is it convenient to log in when your schedule allows?
  • Have you been satisfied with my personal involvement and communication?
  • Have you set & met any new goals?
  • Have you enjoyed the “Watch & Paint” videos?
  • Anything else that I have not though of?

3) Video Tips:

  • If you do a video testimonial – please hold your favorite piece in your hands while you do it,or have it in the background.
  • I suggest making a tiny “bullet list” before you start speaking in front of a camera.
  • If you do get jumbled up while speaking, just stop and start the phrase again, keep going.
  • It can always be sliced out of the video – so don’t go crazy trying to do a perfect take.
    That’s what I do when I film your lessons ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Just upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo as “unlisted” and then share it with me so I can see it.

4) To recap – if I select your testimonial I will give you a free month!

If you upload the video file to a service like YouTube or Vimeo, I may try to download & re-upload to my server, and may edit it.

I’ll need your permission on that, and will of course run the final version past you to make sure you feel okay about my edits.

Thanks in advance!