These “mini-lessons” grew out of my blog. I love sharing my experience behind the easel, so these are free. I write a new one every two or three weeks, so please feel free to share with artist friends. I only ask that you create a free account and take a minute to look around my site and check out the full lessons. If you need help with a particular problem then you can Apply Here for a personal critique.

​These lessons are mostly written text with graphics…short but useful tidbits from the foundations of painting that touch on subjects such as aerial perspective, simultaneous contrast or using negative spaces. I guide you through different aspects of painting and art that will get you comfortable with using pastels. You’ll gain confidence to attempt work that you might have otherwise been timid about.


What to Do

Enjoy these little lessons by themselves. However, used in conjunction with Skill Builders, which are more in depth instruction on a subject or a practical question about painting and my full Watch + Paint lessons, these are bound to inspire and instruct!