FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose “Pastel Painting Lessons” to learn or develop my painting skills?

“Pastel Painting Lessons” is the quickest, easiest and simplest way to take your skills to the next level.

  • For Silver and Gold Members, you’ll get personalized lessons from Marla (based on your artwork)
  • You’ll learn Marla’s techniques and concepts
  • You’ll be immersed in a supportive and creative pastel painting community
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I have seen less expensive lesson sites. What makes this one so special?

Here you will get personal guidance based on YOUR artwork.

Most of the “cheap and free” painting lesson sites will give you a pile of videos, but never show you the things YOU need to personally work on, based on your work. On these websites you can “fool around” yet never improve your skills.

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How does it work?

For Personalized Lessons With Marla

    First: Complete a piece from any of the “Watch + Paint” or Live Lessons that you see on this page or in your account (lessons are added monthly).

    Second: You’d log into the site and post up to four images (from one lesson) when you click on “Submit Your Artwork” on the site. Marla is automatically notified and she’ll send you feedback with a Personal Video Critique. You can post your pics whenever you feel ready, plus YOU choose whether they are “private” or “public”. Don’t worry – you can always email your pics to support if this process seems daunting.

    Third: Once Marla finishes your Personal Video Critique, she’ll post a reply and you’ll get an email to remind you that your critique is ready.

For Learning Fundamentals, Techniques & More

You’ll have full access to the Watch + Paint Video Lesson Library to learn new skills, techniques and more. New lessons are added each month.

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What if I am just a beginner?

No problem, beginners are welcome!

Your private lessons with Marla will be tailored to your artistic level and ability.

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What are the technical requirements for using the site?

You will need

  • pastels, sanded pastel paper, pencil & sketchbook to start
  • a phone or tablet with a camera
  • an online connection
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I am a techno-dummy! What if I need technical Support?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

  • There is a step-by-step User Manual with in depth instructions
  • There is a contact form if you need help on the Support page.
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What’s in the Watch and Paint Library?

Marla has developed lessons including downloadable PDF instructions, video demos, photo references and pictures of her version of the final piece. She includes supplemental demonstrations to help with with the more difficult aspects of each piece so you’ll never be lost.

You will find lessons for all levels as well as many of Marla’s well known pieces taught step by step. The library is always growing and new videos are added each month.

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Why are lessons here better than Skype?

Here are the problems with Skype lessons that are solved here:

  • Scheduling and cancellation is never a problem here
  • With Skype, too much time gets wasted with technical problems
  • Here you can watch your lessons and responses again and again…Skype lessons “vanish” once they are over
  • Skype lessons tend to be “one time” events but here, you are committing to ongoing study (which is the key to consistent results in your paintings)
  • It’s affordable…Skype lessons are much more expensive than a membership here.
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I still have questions, can I contact you?

Yes, we’d be more than happy to help. Feel free to email or leave us a message anytime.
You can contact support by submitting a support request/ email.

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