Pastel Painting Lessons has been launched for those serious about becoming a better pastelist and want online lessons. It is now available at and is targeted to those frustrated with the current state of their pastel painting skills.

The idea for creating Pastel Painting Lessons came about after Marla Baggetta, a prolific painter and teacher, had numerous requests for more workshops and lessons from her colleagues and peers. Everyone starts out as a beginner and so did she. She has had her fair share of frustrations when she was starting out and knew how annoying it could be to spend lots of energy trying to learn from a bunch of short, fragmented lessons, online. With years of experience, Marla passes on some of the knowledge she has gained from her many great instructors and as well as her own discoveries as a painter.

Pastel Painting Lessons had been in development for several months. With her passion and love for art, Marla has put together videos and lessons you won’t find anywhere else. Most of the “cheap and free” painting lesson sites will give you a pile of videos, but never show you the things YOU need to personally work on, based on your work. On these websites you can “fool around” yet never improve your skills.

Pastel Painting Lessons was released as part of Marla’s goals to build a strong base of the fundamentals of painting to guide every student in reaching their unique artistic intentions in a supportive, nurturing and creative environment. She has been teaching her whole career and has gotten pretty good at it. Marla shares what she knows openly and completely, so there aren’t any secrets!

To effectively improve your pastel painting skills, you need a teacher you trust and personal lessons based on your needs. Valid information and feedback on your work to provide encouragement, correction, and new concepts are also important. This allows you to learn new skills that will help you to take your work to new levels and at the same time increase your joy of painting.

Marla Baggetta is quoted saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Providing personal feedback on your work and engaging in our community of like minded artists does make a difference.