Afternoon Break Live Lesson

Thanks for joining me to paint Afternoon Break. It's a lovely scene which I originally painted from a reference in Taos, New Mexico which is an amazing, spritual and beautiful place. The piece is a faithful representation of a piece of reference. I've taken elements from the reference material and put them together to create a dynamic composition.

I'm going to do an underpainting with alcohol wash. Sometimes I end up covering the whole underpainting but that's okay because it does give a loose and abstract beginning to the piece. This gives me a lot of energy, emotion and gesture to the piece.

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The Watch & Paint Lessons are an eye opening journey that will allow you to become familiar with the medium of pastels and gain the ability to orchestrate it into lovely compositions. Live Lessons happen every month and give you a chance to directly ask Marla questions while she is teaching and painting. Its an invaluable resource in moving forward with pastel painting.