A Gentle Path

his lesson is for intermediate and advanced painters. Just a few weeks ago it was hot and the days long. It was definitely summer. Then, a certain coolness crept into the air and the light was slightly different; fall had suddenly arrived. Fall in the Northwest can be stunning and very inspiring and motivating as a painter. This is one time of year that I find myself wandering around the countryside getting drawn to the landscape even if I’m working in another genre. I chose this particular piece to re-create for our lesson this month. It’s an old favorite. I love the inner glow of yellow canopy of leaves contrasted with the neutrals on the pathway. The path is wet and gleaming and the distant trees are in the mist, but still bright enough to give us a lovely focal point.

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The Watch & Paint Lessons are an eye opening journey that will allow you to become familiar with the medium of pastels and gain the ability to orchestrate it into lovely compositions. Live Lessons happen every month and give you a chance to directly ask Marla questions while she is teaching and painting. Its an invaluable resource in moving forward with pastel painting.