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Underpainting Techniques

I’ll show you several great underpainting techniques that are perfect for any artist looking to add an element of spontaneity to their work while supporting and enhancing their landscape compositions. I’ll show you step-by-step you how to take advantage of possibilities and without getting too out of control!

Pears, Pears, Pears

Using a simple object to experiment and explore 10 different underpaintings. The simple structure of this lesson let's serendipity enter into your paintings! Let’s play!

Landscape Variations

Based on my series of 100 Variations as seen in Pastel Journal, this lesson further explores under-paintings as a means to bring energy, dynamics and joy into your work. A non-precious approach and a meditative orientation brings depth and meaning to this lesson.


These videos will extend your understanding of the key concepts presented this month. Spend some time with these. Some of them are YouTube videos available to the public but they fit nicely with our study, so I wanted you to be aware of them and take a look.

A Little Color Theory

Does color theory make your eyes cross? In this quick overview on the topic, Marla makes sense of basic color theory and explains how you can use it to add excitement to your pastel paintings. With a greater understanding of hue and intensity, value and contrast, color temperature, simultaneous contrast, and more, you'll handle color in your paintings with greater confidence and control.

Mastering Intensity

In the Studio with Marla Baggetta - Underpaintings