Have you felt “stuck” trying to teach yourself to paint?

Are you frustrated with the current state of your pastel painting skills? With 2017 right here, its the perfect time to take your painting to the next level with an amazing professional pastelist, Marla Baggetta.

Every day we get emails from artists around the world struggling to create something amazing with pastels.

And we hear the same complaints over and over again. Things like:
  • "I'm watching video lessons online and still not getting anywhere!"
  • "...keep working on the same piece over and over again - I can't ever finish."
  • or "...still struggling to make the time to create art."

So Marla decided to help you out personally in 2017...

Get Access To Marla's Beautiful Lesson Library

Marla has developed eighteen step by step demonstration lessons including downloadable PDF instructions, video demos, photo references and pictures of her version of the final piece. You get immediate access to ALL of the lessons in the Watch & Paint Library. She includes supplemental demonstrations to help with with the more difficult aspects of each piece so you'll never be lost.

Meet The Inspiring Pastelist Who Created PastelPaintingLessons.com

Marla is an incredibly talented fine artist who works with galleries throughout the US. Every year she travels the globe teaching workshops, speaking at art events to inspire other painters. Last year she launched a new website to the public with the purpose of helping thousands of struggling artists to succeed.

Get Personal Feedback and Advice from Marla - Here's How It Works


Complete a piece from any of the “Watch and Paint” OR Live Lessons that you see on this page or in your account (lessons are added monthly).


You'd log into the site and post up to four images (from one lesson) when you click on “Submit Critique” on the site. Marla is automatically notified and she'll send you feedback with a Personal Video Critique. You can post your pics whenever you feel ready, plus YOU choose whether they are “private” or “public”. Don't worry - you can always email your pics to support if this process seems daunting.


Within a week (more or less - sometimes it may take a little longer), you’ll get a personal video response from Marla, “critiquing” your artwork.

Take A Look! Here's An Example (Personal Video Critique from Marla)

Watch & Paint Lessons and Live Lessons

Whether you are completely new to pastel painting or looking to build on foundation knowledge you already have, the Watch & Paint Lessons are an eye opening journey that will allow you to become familiar with the medium of pastels and gain the ability to orchestrate it into lovely compositions. Landscape painting is a pleasurable way to gain artistic experience capturing light, color, texture, and space. Live Lessons happen every month and give you a chance to directly ask Marla questions while she is teaching and painting. Its an invaluable resource in moving forward with pastel painting.

These lessons will:

  • Teach you to break down and design a landscape composition
  • Inform you on the methods of pastel painting
  • Instruct you to render subjects such as water, skies, trees, rocks, and mountains.
  • Teach you to simplify what you see to make stronger paintings
  • Show you materials, composition, color theory, techniques, beginning a painting, and painting landscapes

Muddy Colors? Blending? Color Vibrancy? Materials?

Marla has developed 28 short demos and lessons to help you with specific techniques, problems and solutions. These quick videos and short lessons include information on color values, setting up your own space, solutions for creating vibrant colors and much, much more. You get immediate access to ALL of the demos and short lessons in the Quick Skill Builders Library.

"I Was Struggling" ~Daniele

Thanks so much for such an articulate critique. I was struggling with lack of focal point in the abstracts. One of my favorite parts of a landscape is depth of field and a distant “sweet spot”. It hadn’t occurred to me that I could make that my focal point! Thanks again. Your critique is very specific to what I want to improve. As you would say, “Good job!”

"A Gifted Teacher & Mentor" ~Donna

I jump at every opportunity to take a workshop with Marla. She is a gifted teacher and has the capacity to work with students wherever they are in their painting ability. Her workshops are packed with useful information, including lecture material, demos, exercises to practice the instruction, and then feedback at the easel. Just watching her paint has been so instructive and such a pleasure. Marla knows what to say to push and encourage students. She has a wonderful sense of humor and has this intuitive sense of knowing where students are struggling or getting in their own way and how to help them move past that. She has helped me grow in my painting and I appreciate her teaching and mentoring so much.

"I Continue To Be Amazed" ~D.Eaton

After four of Marla’s workshops (so far!), I continue to be amazed by her depth of knowledge and the joy and care with which she shares it. Her warmth, humor, thorough preparation and supportive approach make the experience both fun and of extraordinary value to me. I continue to benefit from what I’ve learned for months afterward — and plan to sign up for the online workshops to help fine-tune my process in between workshops.

All Lessons Available 24x7 - On Demand Access

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don’t become a better pastel painter, enjoy learning new techniques, or feel that personal lessons with Marla are not right for you, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll send you a refund. That’s our...

No Questions Asked 30 day Money Back Guarantee!