Perfect for Pastelists Who Want To Grow

100% Commitment Guarantee

I'm committed to your success as an artist and want to work with pastelists who are also committed to their own progress. Watch the video lessons, paint along with me and I guarantee that if you don’t become a better pastel painter by learning the techniques and skills I teach then I will personally help you out. Contact my support team and they will show you how to submit one of your lesson paintings to me - I will give you a Personal Video Critique to help you along.

Shipping is via the United State Post Office - Media Delivery in the US and Airmail for delivery in Canada. Contact support for any questions about shipping or shipping address verification.

To access the DVD content online, you'll receive an email with your login credentials and instructions.

"I look forward to becoming your teacher and helping you to meet your artistic goals with confidence and joy." - Marla