35-Permission Granted and the 3 P’s

What is worse than doing something badly? How about not doing anything at all?

Even the most seasoned artists find resistance to doing the work lest they fall short of the mark. What is that anyway?

So if there is one thing you can do to be generous to yourself it’s to give yourself permission to do it badly! If we are striving to improve that is one thing. If we are striving for perfection we are operating under a notion that is creativity crushing. We have to put that notion aside. We have to put away all our picky, negative ideas about our work. For myself this lately takes the form of trying to create something that is worthy of being on camera and going into a lesson. I really need to let the pure joy of putting down marks be my guide rather than some crazy idea of doing something “good”!

I recommend a few books to get you out of the perfectionist mode if you happen to be stuck there.

Art & Fear by Ted Orland & David Bayles

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Creative Authenticity by Ian Roberts

I try to remember the 3 P’s: Perfection leads to Procrastination, leads to Paralysis. It’s much better to do something badly than to get stuck in the dreaded 3 P’s!

Now for something that really isn’t too bad and I think it’s because today, I mentally turned off the cameras!

Happy Painting!

With Warmest Regards,