11-Oil Painting Demo

I’ve been spending a lot of time oil painting in preparation for an upcoming show art Art Elements Gallery in Newberg, OR. I’m very excited about this new body of work. It’s a bit different for me. The show is called “Clarity of Color”, but it could also be called “Paintings That Don’t Match Your Couch”, or “I had So Much Fun Painting”. I don’t think I ever had so much fun painting as I did doing this series. I think it shows up in the work.

The key thing was pre-mixing a TON of paint! I mix a variety of hues in different intensities in each family that I wanted. I did not scimp at all. By doing this, I could paint fast and thick and large. I took quite a bit of time and faith to allow myself the luxury of using so much paint, but I think the results show the wisdom of this ( I watched another video of an artist painting that did this).

Watch this oil painting demo below:

With Warmest Regards,

oil painting