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A Classic River

Abstract Field

Afternoon Break Live Lesson

Autumn Field Live Lesson

Capturing Form in Light

Catching a Glimpse

Daydreaming Yellow Live Lesson

Fables & Fantasies

Fall Foliage

Fall in Wyoming

Floral Still Life

Flower Field

Getting Started

Heading South

How Do I Paint Clouds

Luscher Farm

Mount Bachelor Plein Air

Manifesting Green

Sunset Sky

Supplemental Videos

Under - Painting Techniques

Value Mapping & Color Schemes

Water & Reflections

Winter Glow

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Miniatures: Mileage & Joy

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Explorations + Variations Live Lesson

Lesson Library II

Getting Started

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Supplemental Videos

Gaze of Fall

Cedar Oak Park Live Lesson

Fiji Sunset Live Lesson

A Gentle Path

Abstracting the Landscape

Afternoon in Taos Live Lesson

A Tender Day Live Lesson

Red Grove

Point Lobos

By the Nursery Live Lesson

Understanding Blue Live Lesson

Blue Evening

Language of Color

Chasing Yellow Live Lesson

Spring Dance

Willows + Lilies Live Lesson

Across the Valley

Snow Day Live Lesson

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Lesson Library III

Comfort and Light Live Lesson

Including a Structure "The Post Office"