What’s Working?

I’m trying to spend part of every day studying. Part of that is revisiting work that has inspired me and learn more about that work. In this video, I break down what I think works in Carlson’s piece, “Forest Silence”. If we can recognize what is working in artwork that we love, maybe we can apply some of those same principles or attributes in our own paintings.

As painters, we spend way too much time thinking about what is NOT working in our own pieces. This can lead to bad things! It’s not that we shouldn’t be honest and straight with ourselves; that is not what I’m suggesting. However, I think building on what we are doing right and not getting overwhelmed by what is not quite right, is the way to go!

One super informative and inspiring thing to do, is to get onto Pinterest or dig out your old art books and feel into what you love. Good stuff usually follows from there.