Whether you are completely new to pastel painting or looking to build on the foundation of knowledge you already have, the Watch & Paint Lessons are an eye opening journey that will enrich your painting experience.

Pastel is a wondrous medium that offers up the best of drawing and painting. Plus, they are beautiful to look at! I’ve been painting in pastels for over twenty years and still find it fascinating. I’m a firm believer that anyone can learn to paint. It’s a matter of time and patience rather than talent.

I provide a strong base of the fundamentals while helping you develop your own unique style. Create winning compositions, capture illusive patterns of light and shadow and transform the ordinary in to the extraordinary. I’ll help you to take your painting to the next level!

Lesson Library II


1. I designed the lessons to help you start with the basics and paint more difficult pieces toward the end. Each lesson contains several videos and demos to watch and then paint along.

2. Stop the video whenever you need to – it’s one of the greatest things about learning this way. Plus you don’t need to take notes!

3. Don’t feel funny about copying my pieces! It’s a time – honored way to learn and I know you’ll develop your own “style” in due course. I give you lots of ways to take off on your own and expand on the demos/lessons. If you post a lesson piece on social media be sure to mention that it’s the result of a lesson from me. I would really appreciate it and avoids any confusion amongst your peers.

4. Take your time, but not really! I want you to speed up a bit so you can start to develop the “whole” piece all at once.

5. Do it differently. If it feels uncomfortable, you’re likely on the right track.

6. Remember the three “P’s” Perfection, Procrastination, Paralysis. There is no such thing as a perfect painting, so don’t even worry about it.

7. If you have trouble ask for help! My team and I want you to have a great experience doing the lessons!!