Giveaway & Coupon Instructions

Here’s how to enter the giveaway and get your $100 coupon!

New Facebook Group: I’ve created a new Facebook group for you guys! I can keep you updated on new mini lessons, demos, instruction and inspirations. You can post your work here and connect with other members of PPL. Let’s make it a dynamic forum! This is an “approved only” group and you are welcome to join!.

YouTube Subscribers: Over 15,000 subscribers so far!!! Have you seen my latest YouTube videos? They are quick demos, tips + techniques and other fun, free stuff, whether you take lessons from me or not 🙂 My goal is to spread the word so that by the end of the month we have 20,000+ subscribers! Now that would be cool!

Giveaway Step 1:

Join Marla’s Pastel Painting private Facebook group

Click here to login to your Facebook account and join Marla’s Pastel Painting Group. This is a private group so you will be accepted into it as soon as we see that you’ve applied. Click on the + Join group button.

Giveaway Step 2:

Subscribe to Marla’s YouTube Channel

Click here to sign in to your Google Account and subscribe to Marla’s Painting Lessons channel. Click on the Subscribe button.

Coupon Step 3:

You are already entered into the Giveaway if you followed Step 1 or Step 2. If you’d like a $100 coupon for any of Marla’s lessons or workshops then refer 3 friends to her free mini-lessons. We’ll send an email to your friends and if they sign up for free mini lessons then you are all set! (Only one coupon can be used with each purchase).

Your Information

Referral Information

Here’s the email we’ll be sending to your friends:


This is Chris from Marla Baggetta’s Pastel Painting Lessons site.

We heard from [YOUR NAME] that you might like to try Marla’s free pastel painting mini-lessons.

Marla has always had the passion to help out fellow pastelists so we’d be happy to send you any information, live demos or mini-lessons that could help you out.

Her mini lessons are great for both beginners and advanced painters. Just fill out this form and if you let us know what you’re struggling with, we’ll send you some lessons to put you on the right track.

You can also reply to this email if you need some assistance in setting up your account.

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Recently I drove down to Marla’s studio in Oregon (I live in Seattle). It’s fascinating to see how she has her studio set up for painting as well as filming. Check out the pics!

Pastel Painting Support for Marla Baggetta