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91-Show Me Your Red
90-Points to Remember About Foregrounds
89-Overlapping Shapes
88-Pushing and Pulling
87-Simple Secrets to Painting
86-In Service of a Focal Point
85 - How to Accurately Match Color in Pastel
84-Safety First
83-Trust the Process
82-Resistance to Thumbnails
81-Keeping Safe and Clean
80-Still Life in Pastel
79-Paying Attention to Grey
78-Framing Angst
77-Why Do People Buy Art?
76-The Price and Value of Art
75-What Andrew Taught Me
74-Turquoise and Transitions
73-So Much to Paint, So Little Time!
72-Summer Tree Time Lapse
71-"Finding Light" Time Lapse
70-March Q&A
69-Dedication, Friendship & Art
68-Art Elements Show- A Chat with Jeff White
67-What's Working & Why
66-Return to Oaks Bottom
65-Monterey Mini Painting
64-Winter River on Pastelmat
63-How to Paint a Still Life in Pastel
62-White Vase on a White Background
61-What's Working? Forest Silence by John F. Carlson
60-How to Make Your Own Dust Catcher for Pastels
59-How to Paint a Patterned Vase in Pastel
58-How to Render Glass in Pastel
57-Being a Good Workshop Participant
56-Carlson's Theory of Angles
55-The Magpie: Why It Works
54-Reminder to Self: Make Better Paintings
53-A Tree is Not a Tree
52-Don’t forget it’s just a shape!
51-What to Leave In, What to Take Out
50-Primary Color Cubes
49-Seeing Mona
48-Those Pesky Greens!
47-Stuff to Avoid
46-Composition Basics
45-IAPS Road Trip!
44-The Johnny Depp Factor
43-What's In a Name?
41-Erasing Pastels
40-Seeing A Vision
39-Taking It Abstract
38-Just Holes?
37-Grand Gradations
36-Chasing Magic
35-Permission Granted and the 3 P’s
34-The Big Finish
33-Finding a Groove, then Grooving
32-A Case for Drawing
31-The All Important Focal Point
30-Willamette River Pastel & Oil
29-Taos in the Morning
28-Sparks Lake
27-Keep Track of Those Colors!
26-Vistas & Vineyards
25-Traveling with Pastels
24-Do Your Pastels Need a Home?
22-Making Time to Paint
23-Searching for Style
21-What's On the Edges?
20-What Should I Paint?
19-Eleven Tips For Getting Into Juried Shows
18-To Blend or Not to Blend?
17-Color Interaction & Reaction!
12-Simultaneous Contrast
15-Your John Hancock
14-Focusing on the negative!
13-Mini-Demo: Pastel Painting Video
16-More Simultaneous Contrast
11-Oil Painting Demo
10-​​​​​​​Seeing Planes in Light
09-Color On the Edge: Shadow Meets Light
08-Inventing Color
07-Setting Up Your Spot!
06-Pushing Color
05-Aerial Perspective
04-Photo Reference: Don't Be A Slave to It!
03-Don't Be Boring: Use Spacing & Intervals
02-Making Values Work: Basic Value Patterns
01-Good or Bad? What Makes a Good Photo Reference?