Break Away From the Details

Marla will take you on a journey from a simple warm up exercise to some of the nuances of color theory, all with a sense of play and joy of painting! This fun, fast paced workshop is loaded with information and encouragement to nudge you onto the path that you want to go as a painter.

Volume I includes a warm-up, making and using a value scale, how to simplify and distill your subject, Carlson’s Theory of Angles, and an exercise on how to apply value to your subject. A bonus demo is also included!

Volume II includes an demo and exercise, concentrating on a simple landscape, an introduction to color theory and an exercise applying color to orchestrate and invent color in your work. An extra demo is included as well as a tip on cleaning your pastels!

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Loosen Up

I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to study at an art school that taught the foundations of painting – not just the conceptual “go paint and express yourself stuff” but the real nitty-gritty fundamentals. These fundamentals have always allowed me freedom to pursue an avenue of creative endeavor that I could have chosen.

So throughout my career I’ve been teaching folks to paint. From beginners to other professional artists who want to sharpen their skill or change their style. For the past 10 years, I have been teaching workshops across the country and people have asked me to share workshops on DVDs and online. So I’ve invested a year’s time to be able to bring them to you in this way.

– Marla