No More Mud!

Learn the keys to having real control of color in your paintings! No more guessing!
A combination of demos, lecture and exercises will bridge the gap between color theory and practical application to inspire confidence in your color choices! Each volume contains two hours of instruction, examples and demos.

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Color Confidence

Color is a deep and mysterious language. One need only think of flowers and insects to be reminded of this. To be an expert on color, we would have to study physics, chemistry, astronomy, optics, geology, botany, art history…well, you get the idea.

Color is a universal gift. We happen to live in a planet bathed in sunlight and because of this, we and many of our fellow living things have evolved to see. Many of us human creatures are imposed to create art, an expression of our manifestive system.

– Marla

What will you learn about color?

How do I choose exciting color in pastel?
Why is value so important?
Why is it so hard to see intensity?
How do I create color harmony?
What is color masking?
How do I create mood with color?
What is color constancy?
How can I learn to see value?
What defines color?
How do can I use the Munsell color system?
Why should I use a limited palette?
What is compressing values?
How can I create real vibrancy in my paintings?
Powerful exercises to master color.
And much, much more!