Linda Love – Sunset Sky

Critique Submitted: April 4th 02:28AM

Oh boy, Marla. The follow along lesson piece ate my lunch. When I first did it, the clouds just didn’t look normal at all. So, I kept trying and trying to get them right when I should have just stopped. I know its overworked. I know it has way too much product on the paper. I wanted to do it over, but I didn’t have another piece of that terracotta colourfix. That terracotta colored paper was perfect for this. It really did contribute to the overall glowing atmosphere of the scene. So, I’m turning it in anyway knowing in advance most of what you are going to say. My second piece for Part 2 of the lesson I feel much better about, especially the sky, which is what the main focus of the lesson was about. I feel somewhat redeemed by it after the total frustration of Part 1.

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