Linda Love – Flower Field

Critique Submitted: January 7th 02:34AM
  • Marla Baggetta says:

    Hi Linda,

    No worries about the images! I can fix them for you. Here is your critique. Please let me know if you have any questions! Best,


  • Linda Love Linda Love says:

    Flipped again, darn it! Forgot to mention the materials I used. I found Pastel Artist Panels by Multimedia Artboard on Blick’s website, so gave them a try for this lesson. They didn’t buckle one bit after the underpaintings. The pastels blended well on these panels prior to the underpaintings, but not as well afterwards. I used water for 2 of them. I didn’t have any Gamsol, but I did have turpenoid that a previous teacher told me to use on colored pencils. So, I used that on the 3rd piece since I had it on hand. I used Senneliers, Nupastels, Mount Visions, and Terry Ludwig darks on all three of these. I am slowly adding to my pastel pallet with different brands of pastels, per your recommendation. I got a set of Natural Earth Unisons and a set of Terry Ludwig Maggie Price Basic Values for Christmas! I am pumped! Created a Christmas Wishlist on Blick and told my family members to go there. Got good results by doing that!

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