Linda Love – Fall Foliage

Critique Submitted: March 23rd 08:08PM

Marla, I deviated a bit from the follow along lesson by using Inktense blocks to make an underpainting on white Pastelmat paper. It helped me a lot to get the airy effect in the red foliage. Otherwise, I stuck to the follow along. Then, in Part 2, I got a little gutsy by going with the foliage photo you provided that had the massive cast shadows under the trees. I was a little nervous about being able to pull it off, but I went for it anyway. I decided that I will never get better if I am afraid to step out of my comfort zone. I’m sure it could be better, but I did better than I thought I would. Thumbnails are included for both paintings. With the Part 2 painting, I used colored pencils to map in the colors in the thumbnail, because it was so busy, it was hard for me to distinguish some of the shapes and what they were supposed to represent. The coloration really helped.

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