Linda Love – Abstract Field

Critique Submitted: December 7th 03:16AM

Marla, in addition to the Part 1 ‘follow along’ abstract field, I am also submitting 1) A raining cloud done on 9 X 9 storm blue Colourfix paper (I copied this painting from artist John O’Grady) 2) abstract beach done on 9 X 9 rose grey colourfix (I copied this painting from artist Lisa Ridgers) and 3) another stormy abstract field which I did from a landscape photo I found on the internet. The paper I used was colourfix, but I do not remember the paper color. I feel like I needed to include another element or band of color in this painting in retrospect to give it more interest. In the photograph, there were backside figures of a man and small child walking in the field. I did not have enough confidence to add the figures when I did the painting, but I am getting more confident every day.

In all 4 paintings, I used Sennelier, Terry Ludwig, and Nupastels.

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