Julia Graf – Water & Reflections

Critique Submitted: November 20th 06:07PM

The first image is the follow along, 12×12 in., on NuArt 400 paper.
The second is 9×12 in. on Wallis paper, done from a photo of a stream not far from Tucson
The Third is on 12×9 in. Ampersand Pastel board. It had a watercolor underpainting, but I covered up most of it with pastel.
The last one is also on the pastel board, 12×9 in. On this one, I left most of the watercolor underpainting showing and used pastel for detail and contrast.
These last two were done from memory and some photos taken during the years I worked in the Canyon–real places with a lot of artistic license.
The pastel board is my favorite surface for watercolor underpainting. It creates some great textures that I then hate to cover up–I feel I need to work on creating underpaintings which lay a foundation for the pastel rather than a painting that stands on its own.
The Desert Stream one feels overworked to me–I sprayed it with workable fixative, and that created a strong texture that I had a hard time covering. The trees don’t have that light, feathery look of desert trees that I love.
Have a great Thanksgiving–no hurry on the critique!
Julia Graf

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