Julia Graf – Abstract Field

Critique Submitted: July 15th 05:19PM

Doing the follow along, I realized I have a very light touch—much of the pastel sunk into the tooth when sprayed lightly. I added quite a bit more Pastel to come up with the panting in the first photo. After that, I started using softer pastels and did an underpainting. All are 9×12 inches The first and second are on ArtSpextrum ColourFix sanded paper. The first and second are on ArtSpectrun Colourfix sanded paper. The third is on Ampersand Pastelboard, which I like very much for watercolor underpainting. The last photo is the reference for the two before—a watercolor on Yupo that I did many years ago, remembering the view out our window when we lived in central Illinois. In my watercolors, I strive for spontaneity and movement and would like to bring that quality to my pastels. The last one has a watercolor underpainting and more movement than the others—I think I will do it again and use water later in the process. Julia

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