Mary Anne Malkine – Sunsets And Sunrise

I want to do 10 paintings in all of the sunset image. I’ve got 8 done. Please feel free to give feedback. Would love to “hit a home run” by the 10th.
I think my 5th is the best and my 6th the worse…..just when you think you have a handle!!!

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  1. Marla Baggetta says:

    Hi Mary Anne,

    I think these are lovely! Every one of them has merit. Personally I don’t ever hit the easel with the expectation that I’m going to paint a “winner”. When I do that, I bound to fall short. I would just keep doing the work that you are clearly doing and have a very playful, unattached orientation. I think it might serve you…:-))

  2. Mary Anne Malkine says:

    Thank you, Marla. I’ll try!

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