Maimouna Thomas – Still Life With Primary Colors

I enjoy painting still lives. I don’t know why but they seem easier to paint than landscapes to me. I feel how much the primary colors intensify each other. Comments welcomed with great pleasure.

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  1. Marla Baggetta says:

    Hi Maimouna,

    This is great! Still life is great to study; simple and direct observation. Tell me what direction you want you work to move towards? Do you like the more tight representational styles or do you want to move towards a looser style?

  2. Maimouna Thomas says:

    Thank you for your answer and your question. I would very much like to move towards loosening up.
    In fact, I’m not satisfied with the background of the still life above because I should have interpreted the photo and simplified. I was overwhelmed by enthusiasm and lost the global view even in my value sketch. Today I intend to brush off the background and try to redo it in a looser way.

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