Karen Spurrell – Karen Spurrell- Landscape

soft pastel on sanded-Trying for atmospheric- what does everyone think?

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  1. Steve Schwind says:

    OK son sounds mean, but it looks like everything is stacked on top of the other from the bottom of the page to the top. Nice colors, but not much contrast.

  2. Marla Baggetta says:

    I think when we are going for atmosphere, contrast is diminished. We are sometimes purposefully trying to compress the values. This is probably one of the hardest things to do in painting from my perspective. It’s a lot easier to look at the value scale and think, “I need a darkest dark and a lightest light”. I would keep working on it! You have lots going on here that is great. Maybe try a scene that is more intimate. Also, take a look at Russel Chatham’s work; such a master of atmosphere!

  3. Karen Spurrell says:

    Thank you Marla, very good info. Yes I was feeling impressionistic, and I go to the mountains frequently so I changed my landscape to be more of a fall color representation. The actual photo I took is very dark with no color except 2 greens really as it was so hazy. I love atmospheric work by others but I am far from achieving, but will try again. I will check out Chathams work. I love your website!

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