Fred Dunn – New To Pastel

First attempts at pastels. Top left 6×6 follow along Promise of Red came out pink. Top right 7.5×7.5 independent assignment on 320 grit sandpaper. Bottom 5×7 random daisies. 2 of 3 are on sketch paper coated with Liquitex Gesso. I have a very inexpensive set soft pastels. Marla thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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  1. Marla Baggetta says:

    Hi Fred,

    Nice to see the variety of subjects…always great practice. I do think that the best thing you can do for yourself is use a sanded paper. I was experimenting this week with beginner pastel sets on various papers, and realized that you can get away with less expensive pastels if you use better paper.

    I would also work on getting more variety in your mark marking. Use the whole length of a stick at times. If you watch how I move my hand in lots of directions it might help!

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